Monday, January 13, 2014

A Peaceful Easy Feeling

Every once in awhile I hear a song that takes me back to high school or college. For two or three minutes I am taken back to those carefree days of fun and frolic. Then I suddenly feel old. The music sounds so young. It is static, I am not.

Last week I found a documentary done on the band the Eagles. This was the band of my senior year in high school. Although, I loved (and still do) Carolina Beach music, these were the tunes playing on the radios in our cars and on the tape players (8 track no less) of the guys I was dating my senior year in high school and freshman year in college.

I downloaded it on my iPad. It was 4 hours long. And, it was fascinating. The film covers the members of the band before the band was formed through their famous breakup. Then, the best part was it covered their comeback. It was so refreshing to see those men 6 or 7 years my senior playing those songs. They, too, had aged! The music was just as good. But, they were human. 

If you ever cared for their music, I recommend the film. Even if you did not care for their music, but you want to feel more comfortable in your "more senior" body, I highly recommend this film. It is so refreshing to see that those rockers of our youth are not immortal after all.

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