Monday, January 27, 2014

A US Regional Memoir - Who Knew?

I live such a sheltered life. When I decided to write my book and publish it as an eBook on Amazon I started some research about how to go about it. Writing the book I knew was going to be difficult. Oh, the idea was there - trust me, I had lived it. Putting it down on paper was a blast from the past, although I will admit there were some tears during some parts - not to be melodramatic. Spoiler alert - the main character dies three fourths of the way through, but you may have already figured that one out. I digress.

So remembering all I learned from Mrs. Mirmow's English my freshman year in high school through my independent study on Faulkner with Professor Morrison at college, I put pen to paper (or rather fingers to the keyboard) and started composing. Then there was the editing process . . . and it went on.

Next was research into how to get it to Amazon. Email the text? Not so fast, it needed to be formatted, but not any way, in the precise exact specific only way Amazon would accept it. So I read on about that. Meanwhile I was still editing with help from a loyal group of friends working for gratis and a paid editor - God Bless her. And, as that still goes on,  I am trying to work on the format.

Then I read on and found that if I wanted to sell this thing of beauty I have toiled on - ie not just have it languish at the bottom of  page 179 of the Fiction List on Amazon there is more work to be done. Seems the New York Times is not going to immediately take my freshman work with bated breath, greet it with rave reviews, and send it to the top of their list. Fancy that. There are ways to manipulate the system, indulgences to be purchased as it were.

This is where I found it most interesting. First one has to find a genre that both the book fits in but has fewer titles than most. For instance Under Contemporary Fiction  there is American Fiction and there is Women's Fiction. So the under "Contemporary American Fiction" there are 4,570 titles. And under "Contemporary Women's Fiction" there are 18,279 titles. That means if my book falls in either of these categories I will have to compete (or claw my way up) with this number of titles. However, a little more research on my part shows that under Biographies and Memoirs is the category - Regional US (Voila'). Should my book be listed as that genre it would only compete with 58 titles. Therefore the genre of Sterling Silver is such because it is the story of  " . . .My Southern Mother". There is a God. I can play this game.

I read on. There are more moves to make. An author needs to make sure that folks know the book is going to be published and have an idea of what it is about. No problem there if you have been keeping up with my unabashed self promotion. (If not check out the Blog  Sterling Silver and Dollar Stores daily, please). 

Wait, wait, there is more. And, here is where you, my gentle readers come in. 

  • The day it comes out on Amazon, I need as many of you, your friends and relatives (both dead and alive), neighbors and co-workers, and even the odd man you pass on the street, to download the eBook with in a two hour period of time. 
  • After you have read through it, please wait until after you have read it, I need you to go back to Amazon, give it an honest 1-5 star rating and if you have time and wish to, a written review. I am not asking you to rave about it, I would appreciate your honest thoughts.
So stay tuned. Hopefully in the next week or so, this pup will be out. Then what I'm not sure of. 

And like a glutton for punishment I have started the draft of a second book about southern weddings, dresses, and trumpet players. 

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