Tuesday, January 14, 2014

An Author's Page

I wish life were easy. In getting my book on Amazon, I have read umpteen articles on how to market it. There is a certain way to break through the millions of titles to get yours "up there" so it will be noticed. One thing that is a "must do" is create an "Author's Page". This was a no brainer - just show me the link.

I find the link, enter the data, and start the process. I am going along swimmingly until it says that I cannot develop a page because I do not have a book listed on Amazon. This is obviously the 'Chicken and the Egg' syndrome. Then I remember that I did list two of my photography books on Amazon, why are they not showing. I go back, find that the books are listed as "Unpublished". That will not get one very far.

So I go through the process of getting them 'published', which takes all of a minute. In doing so, I choose the "Select" program. I'll spare you the details, but part of the agreement is that you 'swear' that the book is not listed for sale any where else on the internet. So, I go back to set up my author's page. Then it dawns on me, wait, the book is for sale on "Blurb". So I go to the Blurb site and take it down. Then I realize that when I translated it into an eBook format it was listed on iTunes.

I begin to feel as if I am chasing a rabbit. So off to iTunes I go. Naturally, I have a problem loading iTunes. When I do finally get it loaded, I see that the book is on the site - Drats! Off to iConnections to remove it. Once again Apple issues (did I mention I despise Steve Jobs, Bless his soul). For some reason, it will not take my password. After going through the "reset your password" process three times I give up. I search Google for "Cannot access my iConnections account" and find I am not alone in this quandary. And, alas there is a solution. I access the account and remove the book.

By this time I am exhausted and have some responses from some of those dear friends who agreed to slog through the draft of the book to give me their thoughts. This is when I ask myself, how much was I drinking when I thought this was a good idea?

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