Saturday, January 18, 2014

Clare Comes Through for Me

Writing a book is a learning process, trial by fire. I'm not sure whether it is more akin to jumping into a mosh pit, into the giant net of balls (in every McDonalds Play-yard), or jumping off a bridge. Everyone has the "best" way to do it. Learning the ins and outs of publishing is more painful than actually writing the book. 

I am now at the point of a cover. What the hey? Where to go? Oh, sure there are  services for $1500 that will produce you the best, eye catching, sale fetching, book cover God ever thought about putting on Amazon. OK, maybe they do not promise all that, but close to it. Given, I don't even think I will make that much profit off my book, I do not think that is in the budget. 

First Lesson - there must be a less expensive alternative. So, Plan B - I find ravsingh from India (who speaks English), a graphic artist who produces covers. I send him the information about my book. He asks a question or two and within a day I had the first draft. I requested two changes and in 15 minutes they were made, a little lost in translation, but made. So I better explain what I wanted, and sure enough in 10 minutes, I am sent what I asked for. 

One problem - it comes in a 2D version (see below). Funny, that is not what I see on Amazon.

Lesson Two - I explain my question and I learn that I need a "Flat" image - who knew. But, no worries, Mr. (or Ms.) ravsingh comes through with a flat image in an hour or so.

Given my investment in this prospective cover was not that expensive and it wasn't exactly what I had in mind, I search on. I find Clare from the UK. I hire her services and once again start the process. Her web page says she has a 2 day turn around and I feel that is reasonable. She immediately sends sample photos. In 15 minutes she sends two sample covers. I choose and ask for some revisions. No problem, 30 minutes later Voila there is the cover. 

Granted it is not a $1500 fine art piece, but it meets my needs for now. 

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