Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Survived the Holidays, Now What . . .

After four Christmas dinners; two families, one step family, and the immediate one you can't do away with; three gift exchanges, and Santa, I think it is safe to say the party is over. The tree is down, the boxes are back in the attic, and I have already located that one decoration that I forgot to pack - there is always one.  

I did learn a valuable lesson - if when asked to handle the family gift exchange and you leave one person's name out, you will be excused from that delegation of duty for life. My New Year's Resolution is to find other onerous duties I can be discharged from by a similar  offense. 

I guess now would be a good time to send out the Christmas cards. They could be interpreted as 2013 "Holiday" cards or damn early 2014 "Christmas" cards. Given my track record, I best go tomorrow, by a box of Valentine's Day cards and start addressing them. Perhaps by February 14th most of them will be ready to mail. A good plan - at least.

Today is the beginning of 2014 and with it the reality of seeking employment. I must return to my senses and realize that I am of the working class. And since the lottery has not come through yet, I best hope that there is a vocation out there that will have me. 

And, to think I am still searching for the Christmas spirit, maybe next year. Or, is it this year? 

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