Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Entourage

Buying real estate vicariously through my friend has been an adventure. There were actually 3 of us with her. One who knew the area, had lived there for years, and knew what she was talking about. The other two, including me, were along for the ride - a great excuse to get away from the cold and visit sunny Naples.

When the realtor, a 75 year old lady, showed up to pick our friend, the buyer up , she was a little taken aback to find, not one but 3 additional folks with her buyer. We were quickly introduced as her "entourage". She was a little rattled to say the least.And, it only got worse, because she soon learned that we all had opinions we had no reticence about giving and lots of questions, we had no problems asking. And, we did not necessarily always agree. 
There was little doubt the realtor had never encountered such.There was an open house at one home we looked at. Let's just say, a buyer and her entourage of three makes a statement By the time the afternoon was over, "we" had looked at 7 properties, and an offer had been made on one. This morning after one counter offer, the deal was done. 

Sometimes it does take a village. After all, what are girl friends for?

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