Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Sky is Falling

The sky is falling. The sky is falling. The ice storm cometh. Oh, God save us all. Quick get to the store, I'm sure there will be a run on Moon Pies, white bread, and beer. It always amazes me that our eating habits change when a storm approaches. Our diet, which is infamous enough for covering all three food groups: butter, bacon, and fried chicken suddenly makes a left turn for a more international theme. Chips and salsa become a staple. Pretzels and beer run short.

I was a little puzzled several years ago when the last disaster was upon us. The TV and radio news people were advising folks to stock up on can goods. Now, please explain to me when you do not have any electricity, just how a can of beans, diced tomatoes, or condensed soup is going to be palatable. But, what was I thinking. How could I forget down here they must have been referring to cans of Vienna Sausages, sardines, and Spam, Duh!

So, not unlike a lemming off a cliff, I got up early this morning and went to the grocery store. I wanted to avoid the mobs of hysterical shoppers running in fear that the distributors had not restocked enough Bud Lite or the Little Debbie aisle may already be picked over. God forbid there are not enough Banana Twins or Swiss Rolls, and I would not want to be anywhere near that part of the store when someone grabbed the last box of the Pecan Spinwheels - oh the injustice.

I was more concerned with pedestrian items like bottles of water, bags of ice, meat and cheese for sandwiches. However, I will admit there was a can of nuts, a bag of trail mix, and a box (or two) of cookies in my buggy. Who knows we could be out of commission for two or three days.

And, the number one (this is a fact, based on hard data) food product that sells the most prior to a weather emergency - Pop Tarts - go figure. I'm not even sure what aisle they are on. Who in the world still eats Pop Tarts? Who ever ate Pop Tarts? Of course, if the world were ending,  I would appreciate someone saving a box or three of frosted strawberry ones for me, not that I would ever eat them. 

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