Friday, February 21, 2014

Bowen's Island, Where's That?

The lady from the newspaper called back. My heart was all a flutter. Finally she had seen the light or someone had clued her in. Foiled once again. "I picked up the photograph, but I need to know what the retail value is and what the picture is of?" It was all beginning to become clear to me. When I gave her the retail price and told her the picture was of Bowen's Island, her response was - "Where's that?

I told her it was a small island off Folly Road with a wonderful local seafood place that served the best oysters. "Oh, that's nice. I've never heard of it."

Well honey if you live in South Carolina and you do not know where Bowens Island is, then my feelings are not hurt that are not aware of my  little book. I didn't ask, but just assumed she didn't eat oysters and would find the atmosphere there not to her liking. To each there own. 

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