Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I Shall Be Happy With #4

I know this may be my 5 minutes of fame, but I shall bask:

Sterling Silver and Dollar Stores: Life with My Southern Mother [Kindle Edition]

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Of course this and 75 cents will buy you a small cup of coffee at Hardees. 

If I can just get a few folks who bought the book and are now reading it, to take the time and go back to Amazon, give the book an honest rating and maybe write a review, we may just stay in the top 10 in this genre. Doing so, helps sell more. It's the chicken or the egg, the rest get scrambled. 

Now, I am waiting for some readers to get to a certain chapter and go, "Oh."  "Why I have been in that same situation. And, oh my. This sounds very familiar. That wasn't very nice was it."

No doubt I will be dropped from Christmas card lists, talked about over coffee klatches, and "can you believe the audacity of her'd" at the mail boxes (Oh, no, not the mailboxes! - you have to read the book.) But, then I am already getting the emails of, "You should have told the story of . . ."

Perhaps, I should take my time getting the hard copy out given who that audience may be. I would rather not be run out of town.

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