Monday, February 3, 2014

Live and in Color!

Well I did it. I mashed that button, the one that said "Publish". What have I done? Now God and everybody will know that I have written this book. How many people will have their feelings hurt that I wrote about them? How many people will have their feelings hurt that I didn't write about them? I only hope they read the two disclaimers I wrote as well as the introduction explaining that it was all going to end well and the afterword explaining how I thought it all went OK. 

Now I just need everyone I know, have ever known, have ever met, and their kin, their neighbors, their long lost cousins who live Debuke, as well as their Aunt Silvia no one speaks of, to be curious enough to go to Amazon and search for "Sterling Silver and Dollar Stores" under books. Click on the link - please. Just doing that will show Amazon that I have friends (or at least I could talk folks into at least going there).

If you would like to part with $2.99 and buy the book (which would be awfully nice of you) then I would really appreciate it if when you finished reading the book you would go back to the site and rate the book (1-5 stars) and write an honest review of your thoughts. And then casually mention to your friends and neighbors that you just read this book, . . . , well I can dream.

But then, it is a compelling story about a southern lady, an eccentric lady, who over comes the odds and comes back for a second act. I think readers will find it humorous , endearing, touching, sad, and poignant at times. But, the story is interesting - or at least I think so.

Seriously, I just ask that you go to Amazon and click on the link to the book, no investment but your time. This effort on your part could possibly make big difference in the convoluted Amazon algorithm of how they determine their rankings. Apparently, it is more than just your pretty face. 

So that is today's news.


AC said...

Ann, I don't see a link and couldn't find the book in Amazon yet, will check back later. Congratulations!

AC said...

Amazon's policy is to post books 12 hours after upload which was @ 8:30 last evening. Who knows? This has truly been like the birth of a baby, complete with morning sickness, swollen ankles, and a hankering for Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia Ice Cream.

AC said...

I found your book, but I don't have Kindle, so I promise I will buy it when it comes out in hard copy.