Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Post Partum

I have never spent as much time on FB as I did yesterday. The idea was to make sure everyone knew it was "The" day, in case they did not know that the world was supposed to come to an absolute halt. What? You did not know that? Never got the memo?

When I uploaded the manuscript Sunday night Amazon said it would be on the site in 12 hours. So, being a good little southern girl who thinks folks are generally honest (and I still believe in Santa Claus - why give up a good thing you have going.) Then this morning, after I had made a fool out of myself with unabashed self promotion telling everyone - "It's There!" "Go Get It" "Go See It". Then oops, it wasn't there. An hour later, it still wasn't there.

It was hard enough for me to beg everyone to please go to a website, and spend their time and money to purchase something I created. Now there was nothing to see or buy. I had not been this embarrassed since Ronda Sandford told my six grade class I liked Bill Cartwright - in front of God and everybody, including Mr. Cartwright. 

After contacting Amazon, they said, "Oh yeah it may be today or in two weeks, we're kinda backed up." I wanted to crawl in my computer and press the delete key. So I went back on FB and apologized, begged forgiveness and prayed someone would still care next week.

Then Hallelujah, out of the blue, my book was published. This was beginning to be cruel and unusual punishment. But, then friends I knew and some I did not until yesterday, came through and bought the book, commented about it, and told their friends. This is why I still believe in Santa Claus.

Part 1 was writing the book, Part 2 was getting it out there (on Amazon). Now Part 3, is for everyone (or as many as possible) who bought the book to go back to Amazon and give the book an honest 1-5 rating and take 1 minute to write a review. Oh, then Part 4, is the Pulitzer Prize. 

First I need to make sure that this book does not languish at the bottom of the memoir list. I did not write it for the money, it is a work of love. But, out of pride, I just cannot let it just sit there. So, for those who have supported my work, I am forever indebted. For those who have not yet had a chance, check out my Blog about the book,  Sterling Silver and Dollar Stores

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