Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Local Paper Calls

The phone rang yesterday and a lady introduced herself as someone from the local paper. She said that the paper was sponsoring a fundraising event in March highlighting local authors and their work. She went on to describe how the event would give the authors a chance to have book signings, meet and greet readers, and some even a chance to speak about their writing. There would also be a silent auction. Of course, she said, all the proceeds would go to our charity.

I was amazed. The local newspaper actually knew about my book only 2 weeks after it hit Amazon and only days after it went out in paperback. But then our town is small, how many local authors do we have? 

Wow, this could be the break I had been waiting for. The timing could not be better. She said that she had seen my work and hoped that I would be willing to participate. Participate? Sign me up, tell me when and where, and I'll be there with bells on and a fresh pound cake. But I came out of my dreamy haze when she finished "to donate one of your pictures for the silent auction. If you are willing, I could pick it up on Wednesday."

Politely, as my Mama raised reared me, I told her I would be more than happy to donate a picture. But not to be dissuaded, I added, "I assume you are not aware I just wrote a book." Her comment was a bland,"Oh." I added,"It is the story of my mother. It has been out on Amazon for about three weeks." "Well that's nice. If you can just have the picture ready we will greatly appreciate that." "The story is a memoir but is both humorous and poignant. I wrote it from a southern point of view." "Well it was nice talking with you. I'll pick that picture up on Wednesday."

As I hung up the phone I wondered if I told her that Mama lived most of her life in Orangeburg that would have mattered. Better yet, knowing my Daddy was in the Medical Profession certainly would have clenched it and got me on the program.

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