Friday, March 7, 2014

Abandoned, Trashed, and Left in the Dust

My next discovery was probably the most haunting of the day. I almost missed this one as I drove by, but I turned around and went back. Fenced off and almost hidden by vines and weeds were the remnants of a motel that had been abandoned. I could not find a name or reference anywhere. The sign with the motel's name had been taken down. 

The colors were all pinks and peaches.

It was a fairly large property with all the rooms on one floor facing the courtyard in a u-shape. In the center was a swimming pool built around a tiered fountain. Of course the pool was green with algae. on closer inspection the fountain was covered with these lovely tiles.

Naturally, the first thing that came to my mind was how beautiful this must have been in its day. The office had been trashed with the glass broken. But the brick work and design shows that this was not just your run of the mill roadside mom and pop place.

The wood work in the trashed lobby was quite lovely. And now the whole property sits like a ghost town.

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AC said...

Hi Ann,'the pictures from your posts yesterday and today aren't showing up! I just see minus signs inside a circle instead. Thanks!