Take a small town in southern Alabama, and a young lady, just slightly out of step. Add gnarly family trees, entrenched traditions, and everyone living with skeletons in their closets - welcome to Gallagher. There one will find an extraordinary cast of insane characters. And, it could only happen in the South.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hwy 301 in Olanta, SC

In Olanta, SC (population 567) I did not find a motel, but I did find an abandoned filling station that I am sure serviced many a snow bird an their way to or from the warmer weather of Florida.

With an old water pump on the side.

And just down the road I found this sign which I could barely make out to read "Ann's Kitchen". It was in front of a vacant lot so I assume Ann's was long gone. Funny how the businesses go, then the buildings, and last to follow are the signs.

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