Saturday, March 1, 2014

I Hate Apple

My bags are packed. I have already checked in for my flight. They let you check in 24 hours in advance. I find that cruel and unusual punishment when you are in a location with gray skies and weather in the low 50s and your destination is Central America. And, you know there will be colorful drinks with little umbrellas in them waiting for you by a pool in the warm sunshine. But, I digress.

I hate Apple. If I have not mentioned that before, note it now. I have an iPad which I love - the only Apple product exception. Apple wants total control. They know better. When asked about focus groups in designing his products, Steve Jobs commented that he didn't need them because people did not know what they wanted. He would show them. (Something to that effect (affect?).) Their products do not have replaceable batteries, you must send your device back to the mother ship for repairs. To download almost anything onto iPods, iPads, iPhones, etc once again you are required to dock into the mother ship through iTunes.

And that is where my most recent experience of total frustration arose. I have spent the past 3 years working in IT. This has included installing soft ware and hardware, training others to use the programs, and testing programs. I would hope I know my way around a computer. I had 1800 songs on my iPad. When I downloaded the newest ios (iTunes operating system)  it crashed my iPad. Now short of throwing the device against the wall - which I cannot afford to since it cost so much - and screaming expletives about Steve Jobs - which will do no good since he has passed away and  I personally hope he drowned in the river Styx, I was forced to wipe my iPad and reload the entire iTunes program, once again on my PC (and no, I do not use a MAC). 

When that was finally done and I rebooted my iPad, everything was there with the exception of my music. No problem, I can reload that from the directory on my PC. So I go into iTunes and reload my music. When done it shows 118 tunes. I pull up the directory on my PC. And, all I see are the 118 tunes. No problem because I was smart enough to have a duplicate directory of my music stored else where, not that I was paranoid about a conspiracy. And, sure enough in another directory I find the folder. I open it and there are all the sub folders with the different artists names on them. I open several the sub folders, and songs files are contained in each of the sub folders.

I go back into iTunes, change the path for the music and down load it again. Still only 118 tunes. What the ____! I go back into the back up directory. The sub folders are all there. I open several of the sub folders. There are no song files listed. I quickly go through almost all of the folders - no song files. Then I go through all my directories searching for other folders and sub folders that may contain the song  files. There are none.

Some how in down loading the new ios, rebooting my Ipad, and attempting to reload my music all but 118 of my songs were deleted from every where. And, the 118 are a random selection. It is not like Jobs (and yes it is his fault) chose one or two artists, or one or two genre, or even started with some letter in the alphabet. I just have 118 random songs that, obviously, Apple thinks I want on my iPad.

Did I mention I hate Apple and Steve Jobs?

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