Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Purloined Fruit

First - I am back from vacation and my blog hiatus. The issue, I am sure you have noticed, with the photographs had something to do with the way my Blog interacts (or in this case does not) with Picasa and Google+. It is being worked on. That said, . . .

Now, I just spent 8 days in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, some 3343 miles away. You would think the first post on my Blog would be of the beautiful country and friendly people I saw. Those are to come. No, it is of a industrious raccoon. Yes, of all the exotic wild life, the monkeys, the Toucans, the sloths, they have the same raccoons we do. 

We were on the beach at Manual Antonia National Park when I spotted a raccoon.  I can honestly say I have never seen a raccoon on a beach. This was one was moving at a deliberate pace, as if he had people to see, things to do, and places to go. 

Curious, we stood there and watched. He headed straight for a beach towel of two girls who were swimming. First he looked in one of their purse's but must have not seen anything interesting. He moved onto another bag.

This one proved to be more fruitful.

By the time he emerged from the bag with his loot, the girls had seen the little thief and run from the water. Now, all of us, being from the south, assumed they would be yelling "Go away", "Stop". But, oh no. It was more of "Look at the cute animal and he is in our bag". Then one of them reached down to pet it.

It was very clear to us at that point that not only was she stupid, she obviously had never seen the scene from one of my favorite movies, ELF, when Will Farrell comes across the raccoon on his way to New York and decides the Raccoon needs a hug.

Luckily she did not lose her hand. However, she did lose her lunch. The raccoon grabbed it and proceeded up the beach to enjoy the fruits of his labor.

 (I give credit to the picture of the idiot trying to pet the raccoon to Kim, one of our traveling crew. I was in shock and missed that shot!)

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