Monday, March 10, 2014

South of the Border SC

As you drive out of Dillon it is impossible to miss Pedro and South of the Border. If you are driving anywhere on I-95 you must be blind to have missed any of the 100's of South of the Border signs advertising the "must see" place on the interstate. I have lived in South Carolina all my life and last week was my inaugural trip to see Pedro. And, no offense, but I had not missed anything by waiting.

As I motored up Hwy 301 I first came upon the Budget Motel with its peach and aqua decor and HBO offerings. In the distance I could see the infamous black signs of SOTB. 

As a child I spent many hours in the back seat of my parents' Oldsmobile reading the puns and jokes of the South of the Border signs as we motored up Hwy 301 to see my Grandparents who lived in Bennettsville and my father's family who lived in Wagram, NC. If nothing else, they are entertaining for the younger set and educational for those just learning to read.

So now I guess I can check that off my list.

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