Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Book on Marriages

I am a good ways through my second book. The topic is three weddings or three brides or two mothers or three marriages and one divorce (so far) or two trumpet players, obviously all these elements are included, I'm just not sure what the title will be. Up until my mother's death I had to hear about my mother's wedding (you'll have to read about it in the book). Then there was my wedding which I survived - the repressed memories came back after years of therapy. And, of course you suffered through four months planning our daughter's wedding.

As is usually the case with my life, all three events are fraught with dysfunctional characters, southern graces, disgraces the family cannot hide, adult beverages, and enough revisionist history to make one question what event actually took place. When I look at our bridal pictures, there are both my mother and my daughter dressed in elegant gowns that fit their trim figures. They look like fashion plates. Then there is me, in some frumpy dress that no one would be caught dead in these days (or even back then - what was I thinking?). 

But the fodder makes for good reading. And, everyone can have a good laugh at my expense. Or, I will write it, get it out of my system and put it out there for the pundits to tell me that I did not go into enough detail about my feelings that special day of my life. Long story short - I was thrilled we all survived without anyone getting killed or causing undo bodily harm to another. Or, how I failed to express the emotions of a mother working closely with her daughter planning the wedding - please. We got through it, she got married, and we are still speaking. That is an admirable goal.

All I can say is, if these are issues then the pundits need to have their own large southern wedding or better yet plan their daughter's. Then they will be qualified to come back critique my mullings on my own experiences.

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