Friday, April 11, 2014

Chapter 2

Just an excerpt from the new book on weddings. This is from  Chapter 2- "It's a Girl", and comes from the end of the chapter:


Every time I brought someone home, if she {Mama} liked him, no doubt in her mind, she was sizing him up for a tuxedo. Only to have her hopes dashed later when we broke up.

Of course by this time, she already had the florist selected, the Bridal Shop in mind, a sample kit from the engraver on her desk, the bakery, and, I swear, a list of available dates from the Country Club. All she needed were those words all southern mother's live for, "Mama, I'm engaged". And, then the game was afoot.

As I said, this is a competitive sport. First, spot out the competition - who were the other Brides for the season? And, which brides were members of our church. There was a push to set the date, book the church, lock in the Country Club, engage the florist, and most importantly, make sure we got the best Bridal Director in town secured for our date. Once I learned, the Bridal Director ran interference between my mother and me, she became my new best friend.

At this point, it was no longer my wedding, like I was under the delusion it ever was to begin with. My mother  started - "Oh, Julia had shrimp at the reception, I think we need to add that to the menu, but, God, those colors she used were ghastly." 
       "Can you believe that Charlotte had to have her reception in the church hall, her mother should have known to book the Country Club early." 
       "Oh, and I am disgusted with Mary Louise. She had the audacity to get Jerry (the florist) engaged for your date, even though we discussed that at bridge. I told her I planned to use Jerry." (All's fair in love, war and planning a wedding.) 
     "And those white flowers at Linda's wedding, 
why it looked like a funeral."

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