Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Holding On To Some Grace

Well I guess the Room Formerly Known as my Dining Room will officially be known now as "What Used to Be My Dining Room". My lovely dining room furniture came from my dear Aunt Kat. And, since our oldest daughter is named after her, I always told her, this will yours someday. You know what you tell little girls - when you grow up and have a house of your own, you can have this. Now when they are seven years old that seems light years away.

However, when they grow up, get married, have a lovely home larger than yours, with an empty dining room then it is hard not to say, "Don't you want this dining room furniture now?" And the fact that it is currently pushed in a corner and I know I will never (at least in this house) have room to use it, makes that the reasonable thing to do.

So we are preparing to move the last of my dining room furniture out of that room. And since the china cabinet is part of that set, my fine china and crystal will have to be carefully boxed up to store it safely. Given there will be nothing left in that room that will give it any resemblance of a dining room then it is official. I feel as if I should hold a wake or some other service to mourn the passing of the room. I guess I could serve wine and other beverages in solo cups and meat and cheeses on paper plates since my fine china and crystal will be stored. At least I still have my sterling flatware and linen napkins. After all a southern girl must hold on to something civilized.

Although I will admit last night we had black eyed peas and I served it with hot chow chow as I always do. With the chow chow I had my sterling silver relish spoon (yes the Victorians had such a thing that could be found in most sterling patterns). A comment was made that using a sterling spoon to serve a hot pickled relish from a jar was the height of absurdity. Say as you must, I'll hold on to the few elements of grace I still can. 

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