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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Loosing It

I'm starting to misplace items such as eye glasses, car keys, my cell phone. Now I realize that I am aging I am not in denial, I may not be happy about it but it happens. I find my key fob even more important on those few occasions when I lose my car in the parking lot. The alarm button was certainly put there as a car location device for those of us who remember watching My Three Sons or My Mother the Car. I digress.

Yesterday I started getting very concerned that perhaps I was in the early stages of dementia. My life is not so busy that I have an excuse for misplacing items I use daily. Maybe that little gold evening bag I use once every other year when I get to dress up and go some place fancy but certainly not my reading glasses that I often find on my head.

In today's world when Amazon knows my favorite color, Google can predict what I am thinking, my cell phone can always reveal my location, and it is impossible to escape the grid, perhaps misplacing my keys should upset me. But then a good sized country in the South China Sea can lose a Boeing 777 with almost 300 souls on it.

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