Friday, April 18, 2014

My List Next Time

I keep a running list of things I am going to insist on next time I get married, not that I see a need for that. There is nothing wrong with this marriage. However, my Daddy (and Mrs. Hewitt, my Girl Scout leader) told me to always be prepared. If nothing else it is cathartic. And I say "running" because every once in a while something on my "Next Time" list occurs - miracles do happen.

Now my list does not include anything unreasonable, just a few things that would make my life a little better that I didn't consider asking for 32 years ago. So in my next life when looking for a husband I hope I will find someone who will be:
  • one who was not reared by a southern mother who never made him pick-up his stuff, or worse yet had a housekeeper who adored him,
  • one who understands that "nothing" doesn't mean nothing when given as the answer to the question, "What do you want for your birthday?"
  • one who understands that women do need shoes, lots of shoes and do not need a reason to justify them
  • one who understands that the best answer to the question, "What do you want for dinner?" is not "Oh, I don't care."
  • one who understands that the time to suggest we go out to dinner is before I start cooking
  • one who accepts I cannot make macaroni and cheese like his mother, pound cake like his grandmother, and cheese straws like his dear aunt
  • one who realizes that the sink doesn't wash the dishes, the automatic dishwasher does, but not until the dishes are put in it and it is as easy to put them in the dishwasher as the sink
  • one who realizes that Sams and Costco are to be shopped in moderation, we do not run a small retail market out of our home
  • one who just accepts the fact that the gas tank in my car will be empty every time he decides to drive it 
  • one who can read my mind when I tell him something instead of looking at me as if he did not understand a word I said (or didn't)
  • one who understands I like to use my sterling silver flatware at every meal even when there is veterinary medication, tubs of supplies, and  an empty bird box sitting on the kitchen table
  • and most of all, one willing to put up with all my issues

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