Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Noah - A Movie Review

I am not a Biblical Scholar but I was paying close attention to Mrs. Roberts in Sunday school at church at age twelve when she taught us the story of Noah. She read to us from the King James version of the Bible. Darren Aronofsky takes liberties with his Noah the movie. So if you are going to see this film for religious reasons or to learn how God had Noah build the ark and save all the animals when he flooded the earth, keep in mind the story here plays fast and loose with the facts.

All that said Noah may have been able to save the animals of the world however even Russell Crowe was unable to save this ship. It was in rough seas before the floods came. Spoiler alert, I had issues with a stowaway I do not recall in the scriptures, several of the animals becoming meals during the voyage, mythical transformer like characters, and a few other facts that I felt were questionable.

It is one thing to add a few things to spice up a story, make it more interesting to keep a story going through a dull time or to explain something that isn't clear in the story. However don't add these created bits and pieces as fairly important parts of the plot.

The cast was adequate but struggled like the screen play to save the ship. The bright spot was Emma Watson. She was able to use her talents to make her character seem more relevant, not that she was more important, but while everyone else seemed burdened by their roles she rose above the weight. The problems were not due to lack of talent, rather lack of story and dialogue.

We stayed for the entire film, although in retrospect I'm not sure why. Perhaps we thought all would be revealed in the end. After 138 minutes however I felt like as if  was drowning and needed some fresh air.

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