Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Price of Eggs in China

I am tired of wet weather. I am tired of cold weather. May is almost here and it is raining and in the 60's. Am I not living right or should I be gathering supplies and looking up the actual size of a cubic?

I'm not very religious nor am I a very good swimmer. If this is a hint that floods are nigh that will engulf the world, I have seen the movie and read all about this in Sunday School. And as best I recall I am not going to have a ticket on the ark so I better be making an alternative plan.

I cannot decide it this weather is result of El Niño getting screwed up, global warming, the moon being in the seventh house, or my storying to my mother when I was twelve about not making up my bed. Whatever the case, something is up. By this time in May every spring we were going barefooted. Now I am still sleeping in socks.

Of course I know in August I will be complaining about the heat and praying for a cool rainy day. I have always had a short memory when it came to weather. But Randy Travis always said it so well in 'Forever and Ever, Amen, ". . . until old men stop talking 'bout the weather and old women stop talking 'bout old men."

And if we didn't complain about the weather, what would we discuss? The price of eggs in China? The ups and downs of the wrong side of the bed and brass tacks? Sleeping dogs, bagged cats, and headless chickens?

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