Monday, April 28, 2014


Once again I have not dropped off the face of the earth. I have had a trip planned to Virginia for a month or two for a surprise party for a comrade's 60th birthday. Last Monday I learned that my friend (the party's hostess) I was going to be staying with had managed to have an encounter with her Maltese, Frankie, a wet floor, and a wall. My friend came out with a broken wrist. 

That being the case my Friday trip to Virginia was moved up to Monday. I love Virginia and the countryside in the area around the James River in Richmond in the spring is hard to beat. This week we have been running errands, cooking, preparing for the party, and socializing with my friends I worked with while I was with the court. Of course there was a Crab Festival to attend Saturday, a command performance - a rough life but some one had to do it.                                                                      But the insult to injury was our friends who showed up from Florida. They have recently sold their home in the Keys, purchased a 40 something long RV that is nicer than my home. Their plan is to travel around the country as they please. We are talking granite kitchen counters and a fireplace. Suddenly sleeping in a tent takes is a whole new thing.

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