Saturday, May 24, 2014

Chapter 5, "The Bridal party"

This is just a few paragraphs from Chapter 5, "The Bridal Party" from my new book.

I got married in the days of the big traditional southern weddings. Since my husband and I were from the same area, we knew most of the people we invited would probably attend. As we started planning the wedding, I was not surprised to find that my husband was not one of these ’Oh, honey you just make that decision. Whatever you decide is fine with me’, types. Oh no, he was detailed oriented and wanted to participate, which I appreciated - to a point. OK when he told me the bridesmaids' dresses I selected looked like they were made out of ’shower curtain’ material I was ready for him to find another hobby.

Then we started discussing the wedding party. I came from a very small family - one brother and a few younger cousins. He was one of four children, two of whom were already married with children. He had lots of cousins, many of them he was close to. By the time he told me who he needed to have in the wedding including groomsmen and bridesmaids, out of 12 attendants, I was left with room for 2 cousins, 3 sorority sisters, and 1 friend. When it was all over, we had 12 groomsmen, 12 bridesmaids, a maid of honor, a best man, a ring bearer and a flower girl.

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