Friday, May 30, 2014

He Never Told Me

My Daddy never told me:
  • I do not get to clean my house like June Cleaver who did it in heels and pearls
  • That the ice cream cone that always cured all the problems in the world now makes me fat
  • When I grew up I would not look like my Barbie doll
  • That the "bad" girl in school could grow up to marry the doctor and live happily ever after playing tennis every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings
  • Doing well in school so I would have a career only meant I would have a full time job and therefore not be able to play tennis every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings 
  • That "inflation" was a word associated with economics not just the float I took to the beach every summer
  • And, more than anything else that I would be growing up without him 

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