Take a small town in southern Alabama, and a young lady, just slightly out of step. Add gnarly family trees, entrenched traditions, and everyone living with skeletons in their closets - welcome to Gallagher. There one will find an extraordinary cast of insane characters. And, it could only happen in the South.

Friday, May 30, 2014

He Never Told Me

My Daddy never told me:
  • I do not get to clean my house like June Cleaver who did it in heels and pearls
  • That the ice cream cone that always cured all the problems in the world now makes me fat
  • When I grew up I would not look like my Barbie doll
  • That the "bad" girl in school could grow up to marry the doctor and live happily ever after playing tennis every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings
  • Doing well in school so I would have a career only meant I would have a full time job and therefore not be able to play tennis every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings 
  • That "inflation" was a word associated with economics not just the float I took to the beach every summer
  • And, more than anything else that I would be growing up without him 

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