Thursday, May 29, 2014

Just Like Five Year Olds

Great. The Finches don't like their vegetables. I've been here, done this, got the t-shirt (although I could not find it now if I tried). No one told me having birds would be akin to a cage of five year olds. 

I did much research and listened to the breeder I got the birds from - talk about going to the source. This older gentleman with a foreign accent who has a great reputation for his Gouldians told me he had been raising his Finches on a diet of dried fruits and vegetables, dried eggs (one of their favorites), a Finch seed mix, and some millet. I bought the exact food he was using to make sure their diet was the same.

The first day they were home they would only eat their millet and the bird seed. Further reading said that millet could be "comfort food" for new birds as they settled in. By the third day I figured they had settled in enough so I removed the millet and moved the seed to a dish just under a plant in the corner of their cage. (I figured they would find it if they were that hungry - they are extremely curious.)

Suddenly fruits, vegetables, and eggs became very popular. All eight of them crowded around the three feeders, ate like little pigs most of the day, and chirped merrily. Life was good. 

This morning I decided since they had "found" their fruits and vegetables that returning their seeds to one of the main feeders would finally balance their diet as it should be. Not so much.

When I returned from the kitchen I found eight Finches trying to eat out of a feeder that was designed for three at a time - the one containing the bird seed. Squawking and pecking ensued. Even though there were two available feeders of fruits and vegetables and another with eggs, oh no, everyone wanted seeds.

No doubt this will work out. The birds will settle down and realize there are multiple feeders with tasty food. I can only hope.

Just like five year olds, they all want the blue crayon. God forbid.

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