Tuesday, May 20, 2014

No Sauce

The preparation for the finches continues. Over the weekend, the small travel cage arrived. No, I do not plan to take the birds with me on vacation. When you go pick up birds from a breeder or from a show, the small cage is how you tote them home.

Cordon Bleu

I also had to order the accouterments for the flight cage. After I was finished I had a box of split branches, small perches, wall and food feeders, and cuttle bones on the way to via UPS. The scary part was I did not even know where to start with bird food. Every source I consulted had a different opinion and would quickly tell you they were correct and everyone else was so wrong. 

How am I supposed to know who is right and who is wrong in this fight? At some point I am going to have to pick sides. I have gone through the five bird books I got for mother's day (including "Finches for Dummies", who knew?) and even they conflict with one another. 

Maybe they will come with "Finch Chow". Don't laugh, Purina makes "Tortoise Chow". OK, Purina doesn't call it "Tortoise Chow" they call it "Mazuri". It is part of Purina's food for exotics they developed for zoos. I doubt it will be that easy for the birds. 

The one thing I did forget was a bird bath. They need to a bathe, but not too much water, no more than a half inch. As it turns out, they don't swim and can easily drown. 

The only bird I ever knew as a child was my Mama's parakeet named Sailor Boy. He lived a long life. Daddy trained him to light on the side of guests' cocktail glasses, reach in, and take a sip. If it was a large party, eventually someone would have to put Sailor Boy back in his cage. Needless to say he would have a hard time finding it himself. 

Come to think of it maybe that has something to do with my reluctance  to have birds as pets. But then I doubt few were raised reared with a sauced up parakeet.  

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