Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Week that Was

I am back - for what it is worth. The original plan was a trip to Virginia to visit friends, attend a surprise 60th birthday party, and an Easter Egg hunt. I was leaving on Friday, April 26th and coming home yesterday, May 2. All that changed when the hostess of the party managed to break her wrist on Easter Sunday. So I headed to Richmond on Tuesday, April 23rd. The two of us and three hands took two and a half days to get her house ready for a weekend of house guests, get all the shopping done, food prep for the party, and all the adult beverages.

Saturday was consumed by a wonderful crab festival (I posted pictures earlier). Sunday was the party. Now a 60th birthday once was for old people. Suddenly, 60 is the age of those who are mature, yet fun loving with many years ahead of them - right? 

Tuesday's Dr's appointment brought a surprise that there would be surgery on Wednesday. Hey, what's a little more excitement. But between the blood work and the surgery we had the annual office Easter Egg Hunt. Now even I had worked in this area, for some reason, even though I did not take it personally, I had never taken part in this holiday festive event. 

75 eggs containing everything from plastic rabbits, to wind-up bunnies, to bubbles, to candy, to mini-bottle of liquor were hidden all over the office. At a given time 15 adults were let loose to find and gather as many eggs as possible. It reminded me of a scene from "It's a Mad Mad Mad World". When word was given they could start - all Hell broke loose. They were all (I hid the eggs so I was unable to participate and was a mere observer) running down the hall and through the cubicles. 

There were rules for the event (that had been established over the years from past experiences):

  • Eggs could not be collected prior to the official start of the hunt
  • No one could move or touch an egg if they saw any before the race
  • No stealing eggs from another
  • No combining eggs by two or more people to win a prize
  • No licking of eggs
There were eggs found from past hunts that were not found earlier. (Yes, they counted.) And all the eggs this year were not found. (And yes, if anyone finds an egg during the year after the race but before the next year's eggs are hidden they are free to claim the loot.) Ah, the things adults will do to amuse themselves and make a lunch hour fun. I am happy to announce that no one challenged the winner and there were only minimal injuries this year.

After the hunt we were off to the hospital for out patient surgery then home for recovery. 

This should explain why I was not current with my musings last week or so. I will attempt to resume my schedule this week.

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