Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Upper King Street

A sorority sister of mine who works in Charleston for the Historic Charleston Foundation penned a delightful novel that I think you may enjoy.  

Upper King Street takes place in Charleston, so if you are familiar with the downtown area you may recognize some of the venues in the story. Not to be a spoiler, the story involves Lucy Cameron, the owner of an art gallery in Charleston and Samuel O'Hara, a preservation contractor. Although they sound like provincial characters in a predicable plot, perhaps not. It makes for a great summer read.

You can find it at Amazon at the link above. I am insanely jealous of Valerie who is constantly commenting about biking to work (since she lives downtown) and life in the Holy City with her dear Airedale, Winnie.

And rumor has it she is working on another book. It is always nice to support local southern writers.

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