Monday, June 2, 2014

Clearing the Yard

We have a landscape crew in our yard to do a major trimming of hedges and basically getting everything in shape. The last time we did this two years ago, it made the property look as if someone actually lived here.

When I say "trimming" I mean cutting the foundation plantings down so we can see out the windows, removing the small Mimosa saplings that were growing on the front steps (yes - on), and shaping up the River Birches that were ravaged by this past winter's ice storms. God, I just hope in clearing all this they don't discover a car up on concrete blocks or a discarded major appliance hidden in the brush.

This is a serious undertaking. We know it will take several days for the job to be completed. However if the owner of the landscape company shows up in a new truck, we are big trouble.

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