Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Status of the Wedding Book

The book is back from the editor. Now I just need to make the corrections. After that I'll read through it again to make whatever changes to the text I think need to be made to tighten the story up. Next I'll send it to some poor soul to read through it for "fresh eyes" to find whatever errors we have overlooked. 

In the mean time I am trying to remember why I wanted to write this book in the first place. I wake up at night asking myself, Does it flow? Does it make sense? Does it really matter?

Whatever the case, the initial draft has been read and corrected by the editor. The cover has been created. The ISBN has been assigned. It has sat and fermented on my desk for several additional months now. I feel certain any enthusiasm anyone may have had over this book at one time has long since gone. 

So the purpose of all this was . . .?

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