Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Begin Again, a movie review

Begin Again is a just a good movie, a good package, well done. Keira Knightly plays a songwriter down on her luck, Mark Ruffalo plays Dan a disgraced former music executive. When the two of them run into each other, the story unfolds. 

The screen play is fresh and not always predictable. Adam Levine plays a rock star. CeeLo Green plays himself. Scarlett Johansson was originally cast in the lead but dropped out. Although Johansson is incredibly talented, Knightly's outer look of vulnerability over an inner strength, she sometimes is unaware of, is such a strong part of this story, I think much of the effect would have been lost with anyone else in the female lead.

The music in the film is excellent and makes it even more enjoyable. The story never lags but moves along like a good melody with the emotional ups and downs of life. It is truly a story of a man with innate genius even at his lowest, Dan's ability to spot talent even when knee walking drunk. It is the story of a song writer hidden in the shadow of a up and coming star. It is the story of a daughter trying to find her way through the ugly maize of the teenage years. 

All these threads are woven together into a story of a not so perfect world that is enjoyable, well written and a pleasure to invest 104 minutes of your life.

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