Friday, July 18, 2014

Cruel Reality

Last Friday morning I flew down to Miami, met some friends who had flown into Fort Lauderdale and we drove down to Key West for a long weekend. My original plan was to leave Key West on Monday morning and travel to Miami's South Beach for several additional days of rest and relaxation.

Unfortunately, the friend I was going with to South Beach had a death in her family and at the last minute was not able to go. Therefore the South Beach leg was cancelled. Maybe I should say postponed. No doubt we will make it to South Beach for a girls' weekend yet.

All that said, Monday night, or rather Tuesday morning, about 1 am in the morning I crawled into bed after my return trip from Key West. Later that morning I awoke to one thought - reality sucks. I put the idea that instead of cleaning house and washing clothes I could be sitting at a cafe at South Beach sipping a glass of wine, out of my mind. Yesterday while I was changing linens on the bed I had the fleeting thought of the lovely art deco buildings that line the avenues of South Beach, but I quickly dashed the thought. By today, I was about over it. 

Well that was until I received a text message. I looked at my phone. Hum, that's odd I thought. The text was from USAir. When I opened it I found a status alert that my departing flight from Miami was delayed.  Needless to say this was the original flight I was on when I planned my trip to South Beach (before that itinerary was cancelled). However, all those - my plans and the flights - were changed two weeks ago. 

What an evil thing to occur. Just when I had accepted reality and was back to my humdrum life, a simple text for a moment, reminded me that reality is so overrated.

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