Monday, July 28, 2014

Life Moves On

I trying to do the final edits of the wedding book so I can get it out. I have sent it to several readers for their thoughts. Naturally, I am reading through it again, and making even more changes. I cannot decide whether it is my albatross or Lady McBeth's spot. (Ah, the curse of an English major!)

Meanwhile we are awaiting the impending arrival of our first grandchild. So as I finish my book on weddings, I wonder if a book on the perils of grandmother-hood is in the making. I would never attempt one on being a parent, first my children would shoot me, second it would be a sad commentary on life. Although it would support the survival of the fittest premise. but, I digress.

Back to the wedding book. Reading through it for the 59th time, I realize that I did survive my wedding and managed to pull off my daughter's wedding with minor trauma. Check! Then it dawned on me - I have two daughters. 

Solace was nice while it lasted.

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