Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tammy, a Movie Review

Melissa McCarthy is brilliant. She is one of the best comedic actors of our time. That said, I was somewhat disappointed in her latest film Tammy. I am not alone, the critics panned the flick. But I do not always (OK I rarely) agree with the critics. 

When I read that McMarthy wrote the screen play and Susan Sarandon and Kathy Bates were also in the cast, how bad could this be? Well, it is not bad. It is more like your five year the first time you put her on a bicycle. You keep urging her to keep going, even when she falls off. You keep telling her to get back on. You know she can do it. But there is a lot of frustration, sputtering, a few good strides, and a lot of falls.

McCarthy plays a down and out young lady who has lost her job and her husband. She launches out on a road trip with her hard drinking grandmother (Sarandon).  

The story has promise, the cast is so seasoned and talented. The film will be moving along and then will just slow to a crawl as if it is not sure which way to turn. It is hard to explain. Let's just say it never finds its mojo. However, it is still worth seeing. I would advise you to go knowing this is not McCarthy at her best. 

It is still funny. The talents of Sarandon and Bates are still as strong as ever. Every up and coming star stumbles and hopefully this is McCarthy's hiccup.

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