Friday, July 25, 2014

The Freedom 55

Searching for a job at the age of 55 in today's world is not fun. Instead of getting credit for time served that gave me all my gray hair, I constantly read articles about how those in the 55 and above age range are "doomed" in this economy. That's always encouraging.

I was reading an article in my alumni magazine about jobs and they mentioned the "Freedom 55" and how it no longer exists. Why even bring it up? Those who started with the state or federal government straight out of college caught the the "Freedom 55". The rest of us missed the train. Sure I have 35 years of solid work experience. Unfortunately, I did not stay with the state for that entire time. And my time with the federal government started in my my late thirties. 

Oh, I have friends who are now retired and enjoying the good life. But that is not an option for me. So after taking nine months off to catch my breath, I am scrounging around like a mad one trying to fine a job that I can enjoy for the rest of my working life or, more likely, the rest of my life. My Daddy never told me it would be like this. But, then my Daddy never told me I would be living in a brick ranch house with flying squirrels in the den.  

All the cheery optimists say, when life throws you lemons just make lemonade. My thought is, when life throws you lemons, put them in the 'fridge for the iced tea and go find a quite bar that serves chilled wine. 

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