Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Grand Seduction, a movie review

I hope I am wrong but I doubt you will find this film in wide release. We found this at one of the smaller theaters we frequent. The Grand Seduction is actually a remake of the 2003 French-Canadian film La Grande Seduction  which I did not see. Whatever. This version is the delightful story of a tiny, very tiny, fishing village harbor in Newfoundland that has seen its economy, once based solely on fishing, dry up (so to speak). They are trying to woo an industry to save the village but are met with one major road block - they need a resident doctor. And of the 120 some residents, not one is a doctor. 

As luck would have it, in a very circuitous fashion, they find a candidate. And the story line begins - the village comes together in a mad plot to convince the doctor, by hook or crook, that he wants to stay in Tickle Cove. This story could have become a farce but instead it is a well written enjoyable comedy. The antics are hilarious and the dialogue subtle and witty. Under it all is a good story that is not as predictable as one may initially think. Instead of tiring of slow scenes, expected antics, or throw away jokes, this little film is full of warmth, charisma, and diligence. 

Tickle Cove is located in Newfoundland (where the movie was filmed as well as Labrador) and the scenery is beautiful. The cast and the setting bring an authenticity to the story. Brendan Gleeson plays Murray French, the townsman who leads the charge to entice the Dr. Paul Lewis, played by Taylor Kitsch. 

On this rare occasion I agree with the New York Times who said, "Ah, those wacky foreigners and their impossibly charming villages. . . .The latest entry in this tradition is “The Grand Seduction,” and it’s adorable." They go on to say, "Under Don McKellar’s direction, they might have you investigating the possibility of relocating to Tickle Head yourself."

I hate it when I agree with the NYT, but this time they got it right. if you can find it, the 113 minutes is well worth your time.

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