Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Three Woman Walk into a Bar

I am back. Unfortunately my travels to "far away places" are over - or at least those that were on my calendar. Now my attention is focused on the upcoming birth of our first granddaughter and a call back to reality as I continue my search for a job.

That said, this past weekend I enjoyed several days in Key West with a group of girl friends. There were seven of us and our esteemed "cruise director" had made us reservations to stay in a very nice bed and breakfast in old town. 

The B&B was large with 8 or 9 bed rooms and a wonderful shaded court yard with a pool. With the weather being around 90 with 90% humidity the pool was a wonderful respite each afternoon when we returned from our daily adventures. Somehow there was always a nice breeze in the courtyard even though it was completely closed off with a nice high white wooden fence and shaded by several large trees. 

For breakfast every morning, the inn provided an array of yogurt, cereal, toast, bagels, and the most delightful homemade cinnamon rolls. We commandeered  a table large enough for the seven of us to sit around and enjoy our breakfast including fresh coffee, diet cokes, bloody Marys and mimosas. The later two we provided for ourselves. Needless to say, I am sure we also provided much entertainment and amusement for the other guests as they "quietly" enjoyed their morning meal, juice, and coffee.

Naturally in the afternoon and after dinner, the table was our meeting place to solve all the problems of the world with bottles of Corona and hors d'oeuvres (we had picked up on the way in from the airport). Once again, the other guests gave us looks as they passed by - some of disgust and some of envy. 

 One evening three of us found a bar (not hard to do in Key West - trust me) and settled on some bar stools waiting for the others to meet us. As we sat there a gentleman next to us struck up a conversation. It was obvious he had been there for a while. He told us he have been down here all week with his girl friend but they had had some sort of "spat" and she had left him and gone home. He seemed a little confused over the issue.

He asked us the usual questions.

"Where are you from?" We responded Virginia, South Carolina, and Kentucky.

 "What brings you here? A girls weekend.

"Really, how do you know each other?"

This is when we just laughed. I said, "Well there are seven of us. I am a friend of hers [pointing to my friend sitting next to me]. And she [pointing to the third one of us] is her step daughter."


"And," I continued, "also with us is another stepdaughter. But she is by another wife, who is also with us."

I could tell he was confused. "See we have wife number one and her daughter, the daughter of wife number two who is not with us, and the current wife number three."

"So who are you?"

"Oh, I'm just a friend. And there is also another friend and the girl her son is going to marry."

"OK, let me get this straight, there are two ex-wives here?"

Here we go - who's on first. "No, we have one ex and the current one."

"And, you all get along?"


Just a little later the rest of the crew joined us. We noticed that our "friend" had left. Maybe he figured when he heard our story he had had enough to drink. But it was the truth. Come to think of it, if the folks back at the B&B thought our merriment, conversation, and repast was quite interesting, I wonder what they would think if they knew what our story was. Looking at the time we were having, no doubt they would assume we made it up.

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