Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall, Foliage, and the Fair

It is Fall and with it comes cool air - hopefully- eventually- or at least we can wish. The leaves begin to turn brilliant red, yellow, and orange. We can find colorful pumpkins and gourds in the markets. All of this comes to mind. One thing that most likely doesn't come to your mind is that this is the time of the State and County fairs and with that art exhibits. Yes, I realize this is a reach but stay with me here.

Each year I enter pieces of my photography in both the SC State Fair and the local county fair. As one would expect the State Fair is well run and organized. They have a web site that is updated throughout the year. Past exhibitors are emailed reminders in the spring that it is time to start thinking about entries and giving entry deadlines. Then a month before the deadline another reminder is sent.

Our county fair - not so much. For years I have complained about the one page of "information" for Art Exhibitors. Perhaps I should say "lack of information". Earlier I had learned that there was a new person assigned to handle the Art Exhibitors so I was encouraged. But my hopes were dashed when I went on the site and could not find the date and time entries needed to be delivered. After reading through the same garbled text I could not find the date or time anywhere. (Unlike the State Fair where you register your pieces on line by a deadline a month or so before the fair and are given three dates they can be delivered to the fairgrounds along with the hours each day.)

I went back to the home page. If it is there, I cannot find it. Perhaps it is a game, you know - "Find the date and time" like some of the games and raffles they have going at the fair itself. If so, I am SOL.

There is a name and phone number of a contact on top of the Art Competition page. The name is different from the one that had been listed in years earlier - the one I would call continuously, get a voice mail, leave a message, and have yet to get a call back. I am encouraged - always the optimist. 

So, last year the plight was finding my photography after the fair. This year I am trying to learn the date the entries are due. The fun just continues. Stay tuned - the game is afoot. 

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