Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Not A Good Day

Signs it is not a good day:

  • One of your bird dies

  • As well as your external hard drive - yes, the one that has ALL your photo files

  • You realize that your book has only been purchased by the seven dear friends, the ones who originally promised to by it (Bless their hearts), actually now it is "Bless my heart"

  • It is September and your deadline to find a job by October, that you discussed in November of last year, suddenly doesn't look real promising

  • And, you just went through 23 peppermints at your desk (justifying that they only had 60 calories in each serving of 3). That adds up to 456 calories or I could have had one and a half Snickers and probably felt much less guilt.
These are the days my Mama did not tell me about. But, once again, Mama never told me about Ultra Brite either!

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