Sunday, September 28, 2014

Send in the Clowns

I have not left, I have just tried to run away with the clowns - quite literally. Actually it has been more like joining the circus. I have been preparing for a Photography Show that opens this week at the local Fine Arts Center on the circus entitled - "Here Comes the Circus". A very talented photographer emailed me last year when he saw some photos I had taken of a small circus and asked if I would like to do a Circus Show. Naturally it seemed like a great idea at the time.

Then when I started selecting my pieces from my files, my computer crashed and I lost most of my photography work that I had stored on my external hard drive. By that time, the Circus was beside the point. After having a company come in and salvage my laptop, it was determined that the external hard drive was indeed fried - to a crisp. Nothing was left, nada, not one file could be retrieved. 

Before I climbed inside a bottle of gin and planned never to emerge, I remembered that I did have an on line cloud backup service. When I checked, there they were, there was a God - 2 terabytes of my files. Of course then it was a matter of reconstructing the files on a new external hard drive (with a redundant backup drive). Since it was going to take a while (as in days) to download the backup from the cloud, I just found the Circus files and left the rest to finish on its own.

So long story short, I have spent many hours over the past week when I was not in the woods communing with nature, selecting, editing, cropping, printing, matting, and framing Circus prints. As of this afternoon, they are done. I just have a few "little" details to finish. We "hang" the show on Wednesday and the opening reception is on Thursday evening. 

Here are a few selections from the exhibit. I will have 20 something pieces. If you get a chance, drop by. The show runs the month of October and is open to the public - no charge.

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