Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Rejected Turkey

Last time I checked my calendar it was September, mid September mind you. Halloween candy, costumes, and decorations are in the stores. That is understandable - I'll ignore the fact some of it has been there since the fireworks went on sale after the 4th of July. However, Sunday, I noticed that Costco already has Christmas items and are starting to rearrange the store into the "Christmas format" to handle all the extra decorations, toys, and festive food items. 

Once again Thanksgiving is getting left out, overlooked. Those poor pilgrims, the Puritans that came across the pond to escape persecution, and now 400 years later their one holiday, their feast in honor of the harvest and peace with the native Americans is now falling victim to good ol' American capitalism. 

Once again turkeys do not fair well. How can one expect them to compete with Teenage Ninja Turtles,   Sarah Palin masks, and the Smurfs, much less the jolly ol' elf and six flying reindeer? 

So as I pass the special holiday baking aisle I guess I will take solace in my candy corn hoping that the school children are still learning about the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria, even though they must go through sensitivity training to learn lessons about the native Americans Wasn't it much easier when we were six and just made turkeys from our handprints and pilgrim hats from paper plates. I am sure someone somewhere would take issue with those simple pleasures these days. And, spare me any grief over the sugar content of the candy corn - please!!!

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