Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Yes, I Know We Sound Like That

Down here we are often chastised, laughed at, criticized, and made fun of the way we talk. Oh, some will call it "so cute". Others may refer to it as "quaint". I have heard, "Damn, you sound like you have marbles in your mouth." or "Did you realize the words hound dog only have two syllables?"

Whatever. I have heard most of it. I have been interrupted during talks, asked to phonetically spell what I am trying to say, and heard my words repeated in jest. No, I do not sound like a character off of hee haw and I am not from Georgia either with the sounds of Scarlett O'Hara. Although I will say my Mama got more southern the more she drank. But, I digress.

All this leads me to my latest unpleasantness - dealing with the demise of the external hard drive attached to my computer. Stay with me here. I spent a good 5 hours yesterday online and on the phone with tech support trying to get the issues straight with the hardware and software involved. I dealt with 4 different techs after being "escalated" several times. All in all I was very impressed with the service. At 9:45 last night I left them logged into my system and I called it a night.

This morning they had left a message telling me to call them this morning to continue the service. When I called in they had me log back on and I was connected with another tech through an online chat. This where there was a failure to communicate. I was trying to explain that I only had 45 minutes before I had a meeting to attend at 10 am and would not be available again until 12:30. The online Tech kept saying "That is fine please reconnect with us in an hour." 

I spent the next several minutes going back forth explaining that I would not be available in an hour, but it would be two and a half hours. The tech kept replying, "Please contact us in an hour."  Finally, after much frustration and explanation, I got the tech to understand it would be 12:30 before I returned. Then the tech finished with, "Please get back in touch with us when you return - ever."

Now understanding the spoken word, when English is not your first language is one thing. And having issues with someone speaking a local dialect that, by some, is considered backward is another. However not being able to understand it when the words are clearly typed on the screen in front on you puzzles me.

The worse I can be accused of here is typing too slowly, right?

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