Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Art and Nonfiction

I often get asked what my next book will be about. My answer is generally, "What next book?" However after the happenings of the past week or two, I may have the next topic. The working title is "Art and the Third Reich in a Small Southern Town." Of course I will either have to move or wait until the characters die before I can publish it. Oh, the down side of southern nonfiction - so much to say about so many people who are still alive.

One would not think our fair town of 13,891 (as of 2013) could have a thriving art community. Well we have plenty of talented people. However there are more people concerned about running the show than being in it. My Daddy always said, "Blessed are the the big wheels for they shall always run in small circles." Folks, we are not talking about MOMA,  Antibes, or Montmartre. And, to be honest, I am not sure some of these people even know what I am referring to. 

It all started with the county fair. What can I say? How relevant can something be if the issue started with the county fair? Seriously?

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