Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Circus Comes to Town

Finally the circus show is here. The Photography and Art show entitled "Here Comes the Circus" I am doing with my good friend Cliff Emery at the Orangeburg Fine Arts Center opens this evening. We hung the show yesterday. The reception is this evening from 5 until 7pm - and you all are cordially invited.

The past several months of gathering images, editing, cropping them then having the images printed, and framed is finally over. Cliff and I brought our selected work to the art center yesterday and spent two and a half hours organizing the different pieces then deciding which pieces needed to go where. After that it was a matter of hanging each piece and making sure they were level and correctly spaced.

By 4 o'clock the show was "hung" and our work was done. I must say, I am happy with it. The show will be open to the public for the month of October. The reception this evening is just the traditional "opening" night. We are not talking red carpet or even coat and tie. I am happy for warm bodies who are willing to take the time to come by and view our work.

I had a sense of relief. Of course that was short lived when I started worrying about who was coming (or rather not coming) to the reception. Cliff and I both sent out postcards to a mailing list of family and friends. The Arts Center sent the information about the show in their monthly newsletter. The local paper is (supposedly) going to do a piece today about it. A day or so ago I sent a "blast" email out to 160 folks from my address list, just telling them about the show and inviting them to reception. Obviously I did not ask for a reply, nor did I expect one. I did receive 24 replies, which surprised me. However, given 23 of those 24 responses were folks saying they would not be able to attend and one who would "try" to stop by. I am not encouraged.

Send in the clowns.

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