Monday, December 29, 2014

Re-Gifting in Kind

And, then there is the issue of remembering others while reviewing the more interesting gifts bestowed upon you during the Yuletide - ie re-gifting. Yes, I know there are different schools of thought on this. Some say it is open season, with the exception of giving it back to the original giver unless you have a serious bone to pick. There are those among us who are most proper and would never think of such. But then they are the ones who can use the bird clocks, magic pans, and purses with 17 pockets made of the finest leatherette.

This just brings me to the issue at hand. I know that those friends and family truly had me in mind (or maybe not) when selecting my gift. However even with my vivid imagination I am not quite sure I can incorporate the set of lava lamp salt and pepper shakers into my kitchen. And  I was taken aback when I unwrapped the "As Seen on TV" Hot Buns. Thankfully after reading "the hair accessory that lets you roll, snap and wrap your hair into the perfect bun" on the package I knew how to better write the thank you note. 

I did take offense to the "Rapid Ramen Cooker". Even if I am not the gourmet cook I think I am, I would hope friends and family would at least let me go about life enjoying my self-illusion. After all, I haven't poisoned anyone yet. And, no that unfortunate dinner party a few years ago when several guests had to visit the emergency room on the way home was just an anomaly. But, I digress.

So who should I consider as recipients for the Glowing Gnomes? Their friendly faces light the way down your walk way at night for your guests. They are solar powered, so they will never go out - joy. Unfortunately they just do not go well with the yard fairies, the half buried tires that line our drive way, and the macrame hanging bird feeders on the porch. I don't want to hurt someone's feelings, but those gnomes would just trash up the yard. Just saying.

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