Saturday, January 31, 2015

Best You Have Them at Home

I commented to my daughter that my granddaughter looks just like her father (my daughter's husband). Her response was, "A lot of people say that."

I laughed, "Well it's a good thing he had that one at home."  She laughed, but I wasn't sure she understood what I meant.

My DH's family had a fairly large farm. His father's main man's name was Tom. Now Tom was this large friendly black man with a quick smile and a friendly look at life. Tom was among the many characters my DH would often refer to when telling stories about home. When we moved back to my DH's home town, I slowly got to meet these characters.

Tom's father was one of those unique folks. Odell was a dapper older man with white hair. Every time I saw him he was dressed neatly and if he was in a suit he was always wearing a hat. I always took him as a church going man. He was married and had several children in addition to Tom.

The day that Odell died I was shocked to learn he wasn't home when he died, he was at the home of another woman. Apparently another woman he had been seeing on the side for some time. And, to hear the tales, she wasn't the only one. Odell, that dapper older man got around.

My DH's comment when I asked him about it was that every time his wife gave birth to a son that favored him, the folks would laugh and say to him. "It's a good thing you had that one at home."

A few years later, I was introduced to another young man who worked for my DH's family. As we walked off, I commented that he closely resembled another man in the community. "Is that his father?" I asked.

My DH's responded, "No, that was one he sure wished he had had at home."

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