Thursday, January 1, 2015

Day of the Returns

Ah, the 7th Day of Christmas, traditionally "Seven Swans a Swimming". In my case it is the "Day of Returns". This is the day when one pays penance for choosing a gift more practical than the receiver wished (ie a Sonicare Toothbrush), or not what the receiver "really wanted" - even though they sent you the url for the item and commented that the item was exactly what they had been looking for. Silly me, I took that as a hint. You won't find me falling for that old trick again. 

Of course to add to the sport, my debit card has been "compromised", therefore it had to be cancelled and I am waiting for the new one to be issued. The problem is that most of these items were purchased with that card and I need to make sure I can still have the funds refunded to me, even though the card no longer exists. Just add another step to the - make sure you have all the tags, repack it, find the receipt, call for an RA# if necessary, find the appropriate box/envelope to ship it in, deal with UPS or, God forbid - the US Postal Service, and then send it off, hoping that one day you will see funds magically reappear in you bank account- routine. 

So this morning I was on hold with, one would think the Holy See given the way they act, but in reality Saks Fifth Avenue (Come to think of it, are they in reality? I digress). After finally being granted an audience with customer service I was given the rights to return my purchase. Then I had to locate a small company in Ketchum, Idaho of all places. They did not require an audience or any Hail Marys. Land's End sends the return form and label with their goods - they live in reality. 

After all that I looked around my office to see what other items I needed to send back. Ah yes, on the table sat the nice spice rack that was greeted with the "Seriously" reaction upon being opened. I have that receipt - the odds were 50/50 at best there.

It is the end of the year, the tree is down and the decorations stored away. The returns sent back. And, the Christmas cards in the mail. Well Leaping Lords, bring on 2015.

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